Why do I need a Personal
Auto Deal Negotiator?

Buying an automobile can be a risky and confusing venture. Whether you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, you can lose as much as $3,700 or more, endure stress and frustration and waste countless hours in the negotiating process. Nevermind wondering whether you received the lowest interest rate, a fair trade-in or the best warranty.

Most people detest the process. After all, you are working with trained professionals!

But now you have help. As a 12-year veteran trained professional, Karla has switched hats and moved to the other side of the table to “level the playing field”.

Why? Because “What the world needs now…” is certainly not another car salesman. There are some good folks in this business, but too often the tug-of-war between what is expected by the dealership and what is the right thing to do can be very conflicting. Karla is convinced that both can be served honorably. By being unencumbered by the directives of any one organization, she is free to do what is truly in your best interest, and explain in clear, plain English exactly what is taking place every step of the way.

As your Personal Auto Deal Negotiator, Karla will use her experience and expertise to insure you receive the best deal at the lowest price including interest rate, warranties and after-markets. There are innumerable, subtle tactics that take place from the moment you walk onto the lot. Not necessarily all bad, but wouldn’t it be nice to know what is going on “behind the curtain?”

The cost is an all-inclusive $395,
no matter the price of the car.

Karla is unaffiliated with any dealership and receives no commission from the sellers. She is your advocate, with one objective….your best interest. This service is available to anyone in the Puget Sound region and is unconditionally guaranteed or you don’t pay.

       Our aim is to get you the best        deal on:

  • The price of the car
  • The warranty
  • The interest rate
  • The aftermarket add-ons
  • Service plan

“I was dreading having to go out and find a car because I just don’t like the whole car-buying thing. On the advice of a friend, I called Karla. What a relief. She arranged everything and I ended up with a great deal.”
— Brian T., Auburn, Washington

Karla is also available for speaking engagements at clubs, churches or organizations at no charge. Call for details.